html, wordpress, & javascript webmaster needed for updates

I'm looking for someone who knows their way around HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Wordpress (bonus points for and PHP) to make fairly simple updates to a website (with other updates that will be needed on various websites throughout the future) You don't need to be a javascript or php pro, but only have a basic understanding so that you can tweak values in scripts.
Tasks include:
    *Updating values in a javascript pricing calculator
    *Adding posts on Wordpress
    *Adding/configuring plugins on wordpress sites
    *Other various web site updating tasks.
The right person should be available to make updates to the site immediately.
The task will take 1
    *2 hours to complete, most likely, as it is just some text updates.
Please include similar tasks you've previously handled, your rate, and your favorite color.
Thanks! Desired Skills:
   CSS HTML Javascript WordPress